Our Ethos

SPACE + MATTER is a simple equation; we believe the designs that we create, and the space in which they inhabit, should combine seamlessly to support your lifestyle. We know that when you employ people to work on your home or workplace, you want them to be reliable, and work tirelessly on your behalf. You need them to be qualified, experienced and realise your project to the highest quality, at best value for money.


Because of this, we use a strong and respected supply chain of contractors and craftsman, with proven track records. We also offer ourselves as a single point of contact for the design and execution, so we can make observations on cost, quality and time, with more accuracy than the traditional working relationship.


When it comes to commercial projects, we ensure that our designs are pragmatic, fully achievable and suitable to our clients needs, every single detail has to be considered and discussed before going out to tender. This avoids causing delays, which can add further costs and ultimately loses our clients money. We understand that every day a retail premises is closed for refurbishment there is a loss of income, so we communicate with absolute clarity everyone's role in the project, and manage that team so things run smoothly, efficiently and to deadline.


We truly believe that residential clients should be afforded the same courtesy. They are entrusting us to create something unique and special for them. We don't have a signature style. We design, manage and build according to our client's needs. With continual dialogue between design and construction, we can work as one team and manage the whole process effectively.